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L3T 2.0 in English

What is L3T?

L3T is an award-winning textbook for teaching and learning with technologies. L3T differs from traditional textbooks as the 50 chapters around the topic of teaching and learning with technologies, were co-written by 115 Author and 80 reviewers within 10 months. Well over 230,000 downloads have been counted. Since February 2011, L3T is free and accessible online, also via app according to L3T’s principles of open access, open knowledge sharing, etc.

Here is a link to the actual version (so far only available in German).

Why L3T 2.0?

The project L3T 2.0 was started because the textbook was believed to require revision and new chapters should be added. In future, all materials should be made more easily accessible. The new edition L3T 2.0 will be licensed under a CC-BY-SA Creative Commons license to allow modifications of the content, for even more flexible use in teaching.

The L3T 2.0 Mission

As part of the project “L3T 2.0” the “Textbook for Teaching and Learning with Technology” will be completely revised and extended by further chapters – in 7 days! With the L3T 2.0 project new ways of collaboration will be explored.

L3T-Camps take place from 20 to 28 August, 2013 at universities and academic institutions in Germany and Austria in which participants will meet face-to-face and exchange information with each other.

Each camp offers ‘job opportunities’ for a minimum of 10 people, WLAN, but also coffee ;-)

Interested participants can actively shape these seven days and the new L3T 2.0 edition: write, research, proofread, check citations and image rights, layout, and create the new cover, the PR and support the fundraising are just some application possibilities. Visit the L3T 2.0 website, go to ‘I want to participate’ to ‘apply’ for a voluntary job. Alternatively or additionally, people can join via online collaboration and communication.

Become part of the L3T 2.0 community

L3T 2.0 Project partners and supporter

L3T 2.0 is proud to announce that the Austrian Commission for UNESCO supports the L3T 2.0 project. Their decision is based on the UNESCO objective to promote education and free access to information. L3T 2.0 supports UNESO’s ideals, contributing thus to UNESCO ideas and beliefs.

The UNESO is not the only organization who supports L3T 2.0, but a whole range of universities and institutions, e.g. the Internet Austria Foundation ( in the context of the Initiative Netidee ( promote the L3T 2.0 project. For more information please visit our website.

You want to know more?

Sandra Schoen ( and Martin Ebner ( run the project together with their partner institutions, Salzburg Research GmbH, InnovationLab, as well as Graz University of Technology and the non-profit organization Bildung Innovation Migration Soziale Exzellenz e.V. (BIMS e.V.).

Sandra Schoen is an education and research scientist at Salzburg Research GmbH in the “Innovation Lab department and Martin Ebner leads the Social Learning Department at Graz University of Technology.

Sandra and Martin are at your disposal in case you want more information about the L3T 2.0 project or want to conduct an interview with them. Please feel free to contact them and/or visit the L3T Project Website.

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